Savage/Love 2010-2011 Fundraisers

Stop Kiss

March 24-26, March 31-April 3, 2011

After Sara and Callie meet, their fast friendship leads to an unanticipated and unspoken attraction. Their first kiss provokes a brutal attack by an angry bystander that leaves Sara in a coma and Callie struggling with the emotional aftermath. A play about vulnerability and risk, Stop Kiss delves into the ways, both abrupt and subtle, in which small unassuming moments can suddenly and irrevocably derail lives.

Written by Diana Son
Directed by Tiffany Hillan

Callie: Tashina Richardson
Sara: Danielle Trudeau
George: Nick Ross
Peter: Aaron Sanchez
Detective Cole: Jamie Cooper
Mrs. Winsley: Heather Quinn
Nurse: Delaney Hillan

Assistant Director: Olivia Emile
Stage Manager: Sarah Smith
Technical Director/Lighting Designer: Natalie Taylor
Props Designer: John Larson
Costume Designer: Shanna Gobin
Make-up Designer: Brittany Willis
Sound Designer: Brian Christensen
Producing Member: Robert Linder

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Photos courtesy of Tiffany Hillan

Savage/Love 2010-2011 Fundraisers