2010-2011 Fundraisers Deathwatch

4.48 Psychosis

December 2-4, 9-12, 2010

Using music, text, and movement, 4.48 Psychosis explores the point of view of someone with severe clinical depression. A patient discusses her life and feelings with a new doctor while also recounting past experiences with a lover and other doctors. As her past and present begin to overlap, she realizes her only moments of clarity are at 4:48 in the morning. Will the patient be able to overcome her depression, or is she doomed?

Written by Sarah Kane
Directed by Tashina Richardson

Patient: Olivia Emile
Doctor: George Ferrie
Voices: Joanna Wesson, Brittany Willis
Others: Summer Banks, Byron Hagan, John Medellin, Danielle Trudeau

Director: Tashina Richardson
Stage Manager: Irvin Moreno
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Smith
Scenic Design: Chloe McDowell
Lighting Design: Natalie Taylor
Costume Design: Audrey Danna

Theater Jones Review
by Kris Noteboom

The Column by John Garcia Review
by Mary L. Clark

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Hillan

2010-2011 Fundraisers Deathwatch